The Noni Phenomenon

Welcome to Tahitian Noni Juice reviews® Here are excerpts from the book Noni Juice: How much, How Often, For What – Fourth Edition by Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D. This will share many things about Tahitian Noni Juice® and some of the things Dr. Solomon has researched.

“Before delving into each of the specific health conditions for which people benefit from using noni, I want to share another theory that may explain why noni is able to help so many people with so many different health problems. While the working theory I am about to present does not cover all of the reasons noni is such an effective natural health supplement, I believe it does help explain why this ancient fruit is able to improve the symptoms of so many varied types of health problems.

One of the theories used to explain noni’s health effects revolves around its mixture of nutraceuticals. It is believed that once in the body, noni’s unique mixture of nutraceuticals travels to specific parts of cells, such as the mitochondria, microsomes, Golgi apparatus, reticuloendothelium, electron transport system, DNA, RNA, etc. Within the cell, these components communicate with each other (intracellular), and with other cells (intercellular). It was established by Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim that noni augments the release of nitric oxide from cells in the body.2 I coupled her work with the work from the 1998 Nobel Prize winners in medicine who are Drs. Robert Fuchgott, Ferried Murad, and Louis Igano. These scientists demonstrated that nitric oxide in low concentrations allows cells to communicate with each other. Nitric oxide becomes one of their special languages.3 The 1999 Nobel Prize was awarded to Rockefeller University Biologist Dr. Günter Blobel who explained how tiny particles derived from carbohydrates direct the shipment of proteins from cell to cell using a “postal and zip code” sort of system.4 I believe when a person does not experience optimal health, it is because some cells are sick, and the cell-to-cell communication goes awry.5

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Relying on research from other scientists, I have constructed my own theory about how the body is able to distribute the important biochemical compounds in noni. According to the Noni Theory, once in the body nutraceuticals travel to specific cells and settle in the cell’s Golgi apparatus and reticuloendothelium. Within these structures, the nutraceuticals combine with other natural biochemicals and building blocks (i.e. hormones, proteins, enzymes, serotonin, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) where, together, they exert their action. It is postulated the Golgi apparatus and the reticuloendothelium then assemble all the necessary compounds into a specific “package” and deliver the “package” to the parts of the cell, which are sick, or they may carry the “package” via the blood stream to other sick cells in other parts of the body. This is similar to how letters are sent to a specific address based upon the specified postal zip code.6 The more science learns, the more we realize what a true phenomenon our bodies are. The way in which our bodies get the correct amounts of what we need to the right place at the right time is fascinating. This is one way I believe that noni juice may help the body heal itself.

A simple illustration of this would be to compare noni to that of a conductor of a symphony orchestra. Just as a conductor skillfully conducts the participants in an orchestra noni may allow sick cells to heal themselves and once again work in harmony and play beautiful, helpful music.

One might logically ask why use noni juice from Tahiti? The answer is simple. Noni is a natural food, a fruit, and noni juice from Tahiti is among the purest that can be found in the world. It is grown and harvested in the pristine environment of French Polynesia and is routinely tested for over six hundred contaminants by two independent laboratories. No contaminants have been found in noni juice from Tahiti.”

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